Chapter 15. XLM72 Gate Delay Control GUI

15.1. Introduction

The JTec XLM72 is a multipurpose logic module that can be configured via firmware to accomplish any task within its hardware limitations. A certain firmware written by Daniel Bazin exists that implements a 16 channel gate delay generator. One can typically find it at /user/s800/server/fpga/gd16.bit as a world-readable file. NSCLDAQ provides a driver for the XLM72 when running this firmware and also a graphical user interface (GUI) for communicating with it in the environment of VMUSBReadout. The following documentation will provide an overview of the GUI that can be used to directly configure a device and also to save and restore configurations from files. The reader will learn how to set up an XLM72 to be remotely controlled by this GUI, how to launch the GUI, and the various features associated with it.

The XLM72GateDelayControl GUI provides direct access to the XLM to control: