convert10to11 -- Filter converting NSCLDAQ10.x to NSCLDAQ11.x data.




convert10to11 is a filter that takes data in NSCLDAQ10.x format on stdin and emits data in NSCLDAQ11.x format on stdout. Using input and output rediretion it can be used to convert an event file in NSCLDAQ10.x format into one in NSCLDAQ11.x

convert10to11 can also be used as an element in a Unix pipelin to process NSCLDAQ10.x data directly. For an extreme example, see EXAMPLES below.


The shell script below can be used as a SpecTcl pipe data source. It takes a single parameter that is a gzipped NSCLDAQ-10.x event file and sends the resulting data in NSCLDAQ-11.x format to output.

Example 1. Uncompressing NSCLDAQ-10.x data and converting it to NSCLDAQ-11 format

zcat $1 | convert10to11