eventlog-compat -- Provide event logger pipeline for use with ReadoutGUI.


eventlogcompat [options]


This is a shell script that is suitable for use as a ReadoutGUI (ReadoutShell) event logger. See the EXAMPLE section below to see how to substitute this event logger for the default event logger.

The shell script actually sets up a pipeline of ringselector, compatibilitybuffer, and compatibilitylogger to handle the production of event log files.



Specifies in which directory the event file set for the run will be created (remember only a single run will be logged, normally the ReadoutShell starts up eventlog each time a recorded run starts).

The script also honors the BUFFERSIZE environment variable creating event files that use the buffer size in bytes specified by that variable.


Specifies the data source in terms of a ring buffer URL.


This option is accepted for compatibility purposes. The script only functions in the one-shot mode however so the presence/absence of this switch does not change how the script operates.


The following example starts up the ReadoutShell at the NSCL under the 10.0 version of the ring buffer system using the compatibility event logger to produce spectrodaq formatted event files:

export EVENTLOGGER=/usr/opt/daq/10.0/bin/eventlog-compat
/usr/opt/daq/10.0/bin/ReadoutShell -host=spdaq44 -path=/home/fox/test/Readout

The EVENTLOGGER environment variable, if set overrides the default event logger and provides a replacement. The eventlogger program must accept all of the switches described above.