ReadoutShell -- Shell wrapper for readout programs.




Provides a graphical use interface wrapper around readout programs. This command takes no parameters or options. It does maintain a memory of the most recent configuration for its internal components as well as providing a scheme for extensions to add to this configuration. See FILES for more information about the configuration.



Overrides the default event logger program with its value.


Overrides the event logger ringbuffer URI.


If true then --number-of-sources will be used with the eventlog program.


If provided contains an additional source count for use when computing the value of --number-of-sources


If true the --run option will be used to override run numbers in begin run records or, alternatively provide run numbers where none are avaialble.


The value of this environment variable overrides the Stage area default


The value of this environment variable overrides the Experiment metadata default value.



A symbolic link to the work area used by the ReadoutShell to maintain its directory structure.


Directory containing the event file currently being recorded.


Directory containing symbolic links to all event files that have been completely acquired.


Directories containing event files and metadata for all completely acquired runs. The wild-carded part of the directory string is the run number, e.g. ~/stagerea/experiment/run1234 contains the event file and metadata for run number 1234.


Directory containing the metadata for the current run. The data in this directory will be copied into the run directory at the end of the run.


File from which saved settings are restored and into which saved settings are written. This file is just a bunch of Tcl set commands that are read/written by the StateManager via its singleton implementation.


File that contains extensions to the ReadoutShell. This file is searched for in order in: ~, !/stagearea/experiment/currnet and the current worknig directory. The first found file and only the first of these is loaded.