EVB::BarrierStats::incomplete -- Display incomplete barrier statistics


package require EVB::barriers

EVB::BarrierStats::incomplete window ?options?

window configure | cget ?options?

window setItem key value

window clear ?value?

window reinit



Provides a user interface element that can display the number of times event sources did not participate in a barrier prior to the barrier timeout. Each count represents an exceptional condition that is most likely an error.

The visual appearance of this widget is a scrolling list two columns wide. The left column contains a set of source ids while the right columns contains the number of times that source did not participate in a barrier.



The text of a title that is displayed above the entire widget. This defaults to Missing barrier frags if not configured.


Supplies a title above the column containing the source id. If not configured this defaults to Srcid.


Supplies a title above the column containing the counters. If not configured, this defaults to Missing


window setItem source count

Sets the missing fragment count for the specified source to count. If necessary a new entry is made for the source in the widget.

The widget always maintains the sources sorted by id.

window clear ?value?

Without the value parameter, all counters in all sourcdes are set to zero. If a value is supplied it is used to set the value of all of the counters.

window reinit

Removes all source id/counter pairs fromt the widget. This returns the widget to the visual state it was in prior to the first setItem method call.

window idlist

Returns a list of the sources that exist in the widget.