EVB::GUI procs


EVB::GUI procs -- Standard monitor UI procs.


package require EVB::GUI

EVB::createGui window

EVB::maintainGUI window update-ms


These commands support creating and maintaining the default Event orderer monitoring gui. See PROCEDURES below for information about each of the proc and their parameters.


EVB::createGui window

Creates a new instance of the standard event orderer monitor widget set. This is a tabbed notebook where each page of the notebook displays a different set of statistics. windowM is the Tk window path for the top of the window hierarchy created by this command.

You must pack, grid or place window to position it within a container widget (e.g. a frame or toplevel widget). Until you do the window is off-screen.

EVB::maintainGUI window update-ms

Starts a repeating task to maintain the contents of a standard Event Orderer. window is the window that is at the top of the hierarchy of windows created by a call to EVB::createGui. update-ms is the number of milliseconds between user interface updates. update-ms should be on the order of a second or more.