::EVB::inputStatistics::queueDisplay -- Display input queue statistics


package require EVB::inputStatistics

::EVB::inputStatistics::queueDisplay window ?options?

window configure options

window cget option-name


Provides a widget that can display input queue statistics. The Widget displays the queue id, the number of fragments in the queue (depth), the timestamp of the element at the head of the queue and the count of the number of elements emitted from the queue.

The process maintaining the UI is expected to update the contents of this widget (it does not auto-update). This is done by using the configure method to set the configuration options described in the OPTIONS section below.



The id of the input queue. This appears as a title on the inside margin of the widget.


Specifies the number of fragments to display in the Depth statistic for the widget.


Specifies the timestamp that should appear in the Oldest: statistic of the widget.


Speicfies the number of fragments that have been output from a queue. This appears as the Out frags statistic.