EVB::lateFragments -- Late fragment statistics


package require EVB::Late

EVB::LateFragments window ?options?

$window configure options

$window cget ?option-name?

$window source id count late

$window clear


Provides a widget that displays data late statistics. A data late event is one where a fragment arrives sufficiently late relative to its cohorts in time that when it is emitted it will result in a break in total ordering of timestamps.

The widget itself is divided into a pair of subwidgets. A summary and per input queue statistics. The summary data are controlled by widget options while the per-queue information is controlled by method calls. See the OPTIONS and METHODS sections below



Sets the total number of late fragments as displayed in the summary part of the widget.


Sets the worst case timestamp difference between the a late fragment and the time limit for when it should have been received.


The configure and cget methods operate just like the Tk widget configure and cget methods for all widgets.

$window source id count late

Specifices the count of late fragments and the largest time difference for lateM fragments for a specific data source id.

$window clear

Removes all per source statistics entries from the per-queue section of the widget.