::EVB::outputStatistics -- Complete output statistics widget


package require EVB::outputStatistics

::EVB::outputStatistics window ?options?

$window configure options

$window cget ?option-name?

$window addSource srcid fragments

$window clear ?value?

$window reinit

$window listSources


This megawidget displays statistics about the fragments that have been removed from source queues. It consists of a summary region that shows the total number of fragments and a per-queue area that shows the fragments removed from each queue.

See the OPTIONS and METHODS sections below for information that describes how to control the contents of those sections.



Sets the total number of fragments emitted. This value appears in the summary region of the widget.


The configure and cget methods operate just like those methods for any other Tk widget.

$window addSource srcid fragments

Sets source output statistics. srcid is the id of a dta source. fragments is the number of fragments ordered from that queue (and output). If necessary, a new row in the per source statistics region is created for this data source.

$window clear ?value?

Clears the output counts on all sources. If the optional parameter value is supplied all source counts are set to that value. Otherwise all source counts are set to zero.

$window reinit

Reinitializes the per-source region of the widget by removing all sources ids and their associated counter.

$window listSources

Returns a list of the source ids that are currently known to the per source statistics. region. Note that if called just after a reinit, this will return an empty list.