V. 1tcl

Table of Contents
DaqPortManager -- Manage TCP/IP service ports and advertise their allocations
tclserver -- Start a Tcl Server.
serverauth -- Control tcl server authorization.
!ModuleName! -- Tabbed notebook for multiple GDG-8 controllers.
ledph7106.tcl -- PH7106 Control application for CCUSBReadout
canev812control -- GUI for controlling CAEN V812 CFD modules
loadcfd -- Load settings in to a CAEN V812 CFD module.
cesbcnaf -- CAMAC operation via a CES CAMAC interface
wienerbcnaf -- CAMAC operation via a Wiener VC32/CC32 board set
bcnaf -- bcnaf via SBS VME CAMAC interfaces
loadshaper -- Load setttings into an N568 shaper via SBS/V288.
n568Control -- GUI for the n568 shaper.
vhsPanel -- Canned VHS Control panel
vhqControl -- Control panel application for VHQ bias supply modules.
cratelocator -- locate specific SBS VME crate controllers.
SBS Vme Tcl package -- Provide access to VME crates to Tcl scripts.
epicsdisplay -- Display epics channels