CCAMACScalerLRS4434 -- High level support software for the 32 channel LeCroy LRS 4434 CAMAC scaler module


#include <CCAMACScalerLRS4434.h>
 class CCAMACScalerLRS4434 : public CScaler {

  CCAMACScalerLRS4434(unsigned int b, unsigned int c, unsigned int n);

  virtual   void Initialize();
  virtual   void Read(std::vector<unsigned long>& Scalers);
  virtual   void Clear();
  virtual   unsigned int size();


This function provides very high level support for the LeCroy LRS 4434 32 channel CAMAC scaler module. The support module is intended to be used with the production readout framework but could really be used in any application with suitable adaptation on the part of the caller.

Public member functions

CCAMACScalerLRS4434(unsigned int b, unsigned int c, unsigned int n);

Constructs a new CCAMACScalerLRS4434 object. This object can be used to manipulate the physical scaler module at the location in the CAMAC subsystem described by the constructor parameters.

virtual void Initialize(void);

Sets up the module for use in data taking. The module will be software latched which requires that the LAD switch on the physical module be in the Off position.

virtual void Read(std::vector<unsigned long>& Scalers);

Reads the 32 scaler channels of the module and appends their values to the Scalers vector. The scalers are atomically latched, read and cleared with respect to additional counts. The clear is done as the NSCL Scaler display and analysis software all expect the scaler values to be incremental.

virtual void Clear(void);

Clears the scaler counters. The counters are all simulataneousl cleared so there is no skew in time for when the counters in the scaler begin to count again.

virtual unsigned int size(void);

Returns 32 the number of elements that will be added to the Scalers vector by the Read operation.