CCAMACTrigger -- Trigger module for the CES CBD 8210 VME CAMAC Parallel Branch Highway Driver


#include <CCAMACTrigger.h>
 class CCAMACTrigger.h : public CTrigger {

  CCAMACTrigger(unsigned int b);

  virtual bool operator()();


Provides a trigger module based on the INT2 input of the CES CBD 8210 VME CAMAC parallel branch highway driver. The purpose of trigger modules is to determine whether or not the readout software should read data from the experimental hardware. In the simplest case, the trigger indicates a single event is ready to be read. In more complex cases involving multibuffered event hardware, the trigger may indicate that on or more events is avaiable in the buffer of the device.

Typically your code will not manipulate trigger objects other than to create them and register them with the appropriate readout framework. The readout framework will then invoke the trigger test function (operator()), when appropriate and execute your readout code in response to a trigger condition.

Public member functions

CCAMACTrigger(unsigned int b);

Creates a trigger object whose methods can be used to test for a trigger in the physical module described by the constructor. In this case a trigger module is created in branch b.

virtual bool operator()(void);

Tests for the presence of a trigger condition.


The trigger module must live in VME crate 0.