CVMEStatusModule -- Implement a status module using the CAEN V262 module.


#include <CVMEStatusModule.h>
 class CVMEStatusModule {

  CVMEStatusModule(UInt_t base, int crate = 0);
  CVMEStatusModule(const CCaenIO& module);

  virtual   void GoBusy();
  virtual   void GoClear();
  virtual   void ModuleClear();


Implements a concrete status class for the CAEN V262 I/O module. While this module is no longer in the CAEN catalog, the NSCL has quite a few of them and we do not yet discourage its use. The CAENV V977 module is one alternative to this device.

See also the CVMETrigger class that uses this module as a trigger module.

Public member functions

CVMEStatusModule(UInt_t base, int crate = 0);

Constructs a status module based on the CAEN V262. The V262 has a base address of base set in its rotary switches and lives in VME crate crate, which defaults to crate 0 if not supplied. The default is correct for a single crate system.

CVMEStatusModule(const CCaenIO& module);

Constructs a VME status module given a pre-existing CAEN V262 object (CCaenIO).

virtual void GoBusy();

The status module indicates the system is unable to accept triggers by pulsing the SHP 0 output.

virtual void GoClear();

The status module indicates the system is now able to accept triggers after going dead (either due to a trigger or a call to GoBusy) by pulsing SHP 1.

virtual void ModuleClear();

Indicates the modules can be cleared by pulsing SHP 3. This can be fanned out into modules with external clears.