CVMETrigger -- VME trigger class based on the CAEN V262 I/O module.


#include <CVMETrigger.h>
 class CVMETrigger {

  CVMETrigger(unsigned int base, int crate = 0);

  virtual   bool operator()();


Implements a concrete trigger module object based on the CAEN V262 module. The trigger is assumed to be input 0. Note that the inputs to this module are not latched by the module. A trigger must be externally latched until at least it is acknowledged by a pulse on the SHP 2 output, or else triggers can and will be missed.

Public member functions

CVMETrigger(unsigned int base, int crate = 0);

Constructs a VME trigger module based on the CAEN V262 I/O register. The base parameter is the base address configured into the rotary switches of the physical module. The crate parameter was introduced in version 8.1-001. If provided, it allows the trigger to live in VME crates other than crate 0. If omitted, it defaults to crate 0 which was the behavior prior to 8.1-001 and also is normal and correct for a single crate system.

virtual bool operator()();

If input 0 is logical true, the SHP 2 output is pulsed and the function returns true. Otherwise false is returned.