hira -- Pair up to 2 XLMs and FADC for HiRA


hira create name ?options?

hira config name options

hira cget name


In situations where an XLM-XXV is not available, Wash-U chip boards can be read out using an XLM and an SIS3300/SIS3301 FADC module. This command allows you to combine these into a single module. from the point of view of a stack.


Normally the XLM modules used are either a hinp or psd module. As the code for these is maintained by Washington Univ, Those drivers are not documented here.

The command produces the following data format:

|   id (16) bits                     |
| tag data from the xlm  1 srama     |
| tag data from xlm1 sram b          |
| 0xfadc                             |
| Mask of read groups                |
| Data from the FADC module group1   |
| 0xaaa                              |
| Data from the FADC module group2   |

Note that the configuration parameters of the XLM's determine whether or not both SRAM banks are read, the configuration of the FADC determines which FADC groups are read, and the -xlm option value determines whether one or two XLM modules are associated witht this HiRA module.


-id integer

Provides the id tag that precedes the data from the two actual modules.

-xlm module-name

This parameter is a list of one or two XLM modules assoiated with this HiRA.

-fadc module-name

This parameter is the name of the sis330x module that gets the analog data


The software does not check that the XLM is an XLM or that the fadc is an SIS 330x module.