mase -- Support for XLM with MASE firmware.


mase create name ?options?

mase config name ?options?

mase cget name


The mase command allows you to create and configure modules that are XLM-VV FGPA modules with firmware for the Indiana MASE data acqusitiopn subsystem. Please note that this modules is a block mode device, in the sense that each VM-USB trigger may result in multiple events being present in the XLM memory by the time the VM-USB reads the data. When used with other modules, you must arrange for event building at some point in the system to ensure that data from the MASE module are coherently assembled with data from other devices.

The module object is created via the create subcommand. The name on this defines a unique name which will be used to refer to this module in future commands directed at it. The optional options are name value pairs used to configure the module. See OPTIONS below for a list of the supported options.

The config subcommand can be used to set or modify configuration parameters after the module is created. The name is the name of the module as defined by the create subcommand. The options are once more name value pairs that are described in the OPTIONS section below.

The cget subcommand is can be used to ask a module about its current configuration. The module configuration is returned as a Tcl list of name value pairs where the name is the name of a configuration option described in the OPTIONS section and the value is the value of that configuration parameter.


-base base-address

Supplies the base address of the XLM module. The XLM base address is determined by the slot it occupies in a VME backplane with V430 extensions (V430 supplies additional voltages and the slot location on a middle 'JAUX' connector). The base address must be an unsigned integer. There is no default value for this configuration option. The value supplied must match the actual board's base address.

The XLM-VV must be used in a V430 backplane as it has no other mechanism for the board to set the base address. For information about the JAUX connector see e.g. Specifically page 10 and page 25 and beyond.

-firmware firmware-path

firmware-path provides the path to the XLM firmware file. In the MASE module, the firmware is loaded prior to the start of a run. The file path can be relative or absolute, however environment variables and tilde expansions are not performed by the module driver. The Tcl script however may use the file normalilze and the envname to perform these substitutions prior to providing the final filename to this option.