v1729a -- CAENV1729a waveform digitizer.


v1729a create name base

v1729a config name options

v1729a cget name


This command ensemble provides access to the CAEN V1729A waveform digitizer. The three subcommands allow creation configuration and introspection. See METHODS below for more information about these subcommands and their formats.

The options described in OPTIONS below allow data taking and analysis to be configured according the needs of the application.


-base base

Provides the module base address. The base must match the base address set in the rotary switches of the module.

-threshold n

Threshold for internal trigger. The default value is 4095

-pretrigger n

Pretrigger time in samples. Defaults to 10240

-posttrigger n

Post trigger time in samples. Defaults to 64

-triggersource external | internal | both

Specifies trigger source: his can also be 'internal', or 'both'. Defaults to external

-triggeredge rising | falling

Specifies which edge of the trigger is used. Default is rising

-triggermask on | off

Specifies whether the trigger is masked via the EXT_EN_TRIGGER if this is 'on' EXT_EN_TRIGGER is required to enable triggers to fire. Defaults to off.

-triggerchannels n

Only used if internal triggers are allowed. Set one bit for each channel from which triggers are allowed.

-poststoplatency n

Sets the post trigger latency register in samples. Defaults to 4

-postlatencypretrig n

Sets the value of the post latency pretrigger register. Defaults to 1

-samplingfreq 2ghz | 1gzh | 500mhz

Sampling frequency. Default value is 2ghz

-delay n

uSec to delay prior to executing the readout. this can be set to zero if the modle interrupt is used to trigger the data acquisition else it should be set to on the order of 700usec depending on triggering parameters. 650usec from end of the signal are required to transfer data. the remaining time depends on the time of the computer trigger relative to the time of the signal end. When setting this recall that the module requires 650usec to digitize and transfer data from the analog memory to the readout memory.


Subcommands recognized by this module are:

create name base

Creates a new module that can be referred to by name. base is the module base address. This can be overidden by the -base configuration parameter.

config name options

Configures the module name. The optinos are configuration option value pairs described inthe OPTIONS section above.

cget name

Retrieves the module configuration as a list of name value pairs.