CBDLeCroy2551 -- control a LeCroy 2551 Scaler on a CAMAC branch


CBDLeCroy2551 create name base

CBDLeCroy2551 config name option value ...

CBDLeCroy2551 cget name


The CBDLeCroy2551 is intended to control a LeCroy 2551 scaler situated on a camac branch rooted in a VME crate by a CES CBD8210 branch driver. If you intend to utilize the driver in a camac crate controlled by a CCUSB, see the LeCroy2551 command. It provides the exact same functionality but understands the CCUSB to be its controller.

The CBDLeCroy2551 cannot be registered as a stack module by itself. Instead it must be registered first to a CBDCamacCrate. That CBDCamacCrate must then be registered to a CBDCamacBranch module. See the example below to understand how this works.

During initialization, all scalers are cleared.

At the end of the run, no actions are taken.

During stack execution initiated by an event trigger, all 12 scaler channels are read individually. There is no clear at the end of an event.

It is important for the user to understand that format of the data is outputted by the VMUSB when this scaler is used. Each channel readout consists of two separate 16-bit reads that accomplish the reading of the upper bits followed by the lower 16-bits of the actual scaler value. This is done because the CBD8210 is a D16 device rather than a D32 device. There is no getting around it. What this means is that the actual scaler values need to be filtered or processed before they look like meaningful numbers.


-slot value

Specifies the slot of the CAMAC crate the target module is occupying. Default is 1.


Example 1. Simple setup of a single scaler

CBDLeCroy2551 create sclr -slot 10

# Create a crate to stick it in
CBDCamacCrate create crate0 -crate 1
CBDCamacCrate config crate0 -modules [list sclr]

# Create a branch to register the crate in
CBDCamacBranch create branch0 -branch 0
CBDCamacBranch config branch0 -crates [list crate0]

Sets up a LeCroy 2551 scaler module in slot 10.