v1495sc -- CAEN V1495 with Scaler firmware


v1495sc create name base-address

v1495sc create name ?options...?

v1495sc cget name


When equipped with the appropriate firmware a V1495 logic module is a 128 channel scaler. This module is then sold under the name V1495sc. This command supplies support for the V1495sc module in the VMUSBReadout program.

As with all device support commands v1495sc is a command ensemble with the three subcommands; create, config and cget. The create command is responsible for adding new scalers to the system configuration and naming them. The config command is responsible for setting the detailed configuration of the module. The configuration is used to define how the module is going to be programmed when the run starts. The cget command allows you to retrieve a module's current configuration. See OPTIONS below for information about the options supported.


-base base-addresss

Allows you to override the base address set at creation time. The base address must be the address of a V1495sc module.

-exttrig enabled | disabled

Enables the external trigger to latch scaler values into the multi-event memory of the module. The external trigger is the module's G0 input. By default this is disabled.

-inttrig enabled | disabled

Enables the internal trigger to latch values in to the scaler's mult-event memory. THe internal trigger fires when the scaler dwell tiem has been reached. See -dwelltime for more information about this. The default value is disabled.

-vmetrigger enabled |disabled

Enables or disables the software trigger. This is used to programmatically latch scaler values as desired. The default value of this option is enabled which is suitable for using this scaler as a provider of scaler channels to the scaler display program.

-inputlevel nim | ttl

Sets the input signalling levels expected by the G0, and G1 inputs. The default value is nim

-autoreset on | off

If on (the default), the scalers are atomically reset after a read. This is suitable for use in creating incremental scaler items.

-g1_mode inhibit | reset | test

Sets the use of the G1 input. If inhibit (the default), while G1 is logic true, the scalers are inhibited from counting. If reset, scaler values will be cleared on the leading edge of a false to true transition. See the documentation for the V1495sc module for information about the effect of using test for this configuration value.

-includetime yes | no

If yes, includes the trigger time since the latest board reset in the event data in the MEB. This is no by default

-bank*enables mask

Where * should be replaced by any of 1, 2, 3, 4 (e.g. -bank1enables). The value is a bitmask that determines which scaler channels are enabled to count. These options all default to 0xffffffff enabling all 32 channels in an input bank. Input banks represent the scalers associated with one of the input connectors on the module.

-dwelltime micro-seconds

When the internal trigger is enabled, this sets the number of microseconds between internal triggers. The default value is 0x20000, an arbitrary value that works out to .131 seconds or so.