XV. 3tcl

Table of Contents
TCL Ring package. Ron Fox NSCLDAQ  -- Access Rings from tcl.
TclRingBuffer -- Tcl ring buffer consumer package
portAllocator -- Tcl API for the DaqPortManager daemon.
TclServer -- Embeddable Tcl Server script object
CFD812 -- low level control of the CAEN V812 CFD
caenv812gui -- Megawidget control panel for the CAEN V812 CFD
n568b -- Support package for the CAEN N568B shaper.
n568Panel -- Control panel megawidget for N568 shaping amplifier
iSegVhs -- SBS support for VHS 404 modules.
VhsWidgets -- User interface components for VHS 404 power supplies.
vhq -- Low level Tcl access to iSEG VHQ2xxx units.
vhqPanel -- Control widget for iSeg vhq2xx VME bias supply.
caennet -- Access CAENnet from Tcl scripts.
camac -- Provide access to CES CBD8210 CAMAC to Tcl scripts
wienercamac -- Tcl Script CAMAC access via VC32/CC32 boardset.
sequencer --  Provide a ReadoutGui plugin for nscldaq 8.1 and later that can automate several data taking runs.
plotcontainer -- Plotchart XY plot wrapper
marker -- Manage markers on a plotchart plot.
RingStatus -- Widget that shows ring status.