n568Panel -- Control panel megawidget for N568 shaping amplifier


package require n568Panel

n568Panel pathName ?options?


This package provides a megawidget that is a control panel for a single CAEN N568 module. The control panel can be used in user applications and is also used by the n568Control(1tcl) script.


As with any Tk widget, the widget understands the config and cget commands. These allow you to set and query the values of the options described below:

-node node-number

Specifies the CAENnet node of the shaper module to control.

-controllercrate vme-crate

Specifies the VME crate number in which the CAENnet controller connected to the shaper module resides. If not supplied, the VME crate number defaults to 0.

-controllerbase base-address

Specifies the base address of the CAENnet controller connected to the shaper module.

-name module-name

Provides a documentation name for the shaper. This name appears in the control panel to help the user identify the shaper and how it is being used in the experiment.

-command script

Allows the user to provide a script that will be called whenever a shaper control parameter is modified. A three element list will be appended to the user's script, so it is usual for the script ot be a proc name. The list contents are; action, which and value. The

action specifies what was changed, and can be any of: coarse indicating the Coarse gain changed, fine Fine gain changed. pole0 Pole 0 correction changed. invert Output configuration changed. polarity channel input polarity changed. shapetime the shaping time constant changed. offset the common offset changed.

The which parameter is an empty string for action = offset and the number of the channel that was changed for any other action. The value is the new value of the parameter defined by action and which.

-alarmscript script

Specifies a script to be executed if the controller detects an alarm condition. Note that at present, no alarmconditions are defined for the N568, however this is provided for compatibility with other megawidgets that do device control and do have defined alarm conditions.


The widget supports commands which are related to the management of the module's property list. A property list is a Tcl list containing elements that are name, value pairs. An element of a propertylist (property) defines a piece of the state of the module. See PROPERTIES below for more information about the properties supported by the n568b.

path getProperties

Returns the property list for path.

path setProperties propertyList

Loads the propertyList into the module. The module is restored to the state defined by the property list. If any properties are omitted, that section of the module state is not modified.


The properties supported by the megawidget are:


The module common offset.


The coarse gain of channel n.


The fine gain of channel n.


The pole zero adjust for channel n.


The output configuration state for channel n.


The input polarity for channel n.


The shaping time for cahnnel n.


loadshaper(1), n568b(3), n568configfile(5) n568control(1)