57.3. Running event builder clients

Once built you will have to run your event builder clients. To successfully run the clients, the event builder itself must also be running. The event builder supports several command line options. These are defined by the file options.ggo, and can be extended by you as well. This file is an input file to the gengetopt command line parser package.

A Makefile rule to compile this file and create header is already present. The format of this file is described in the gengetopt manual at: http://www.gnu.org/software/gengetopt/gengetopt.html.

The pre-defined options are:


Prints the a summary of the command line options that are supported by the program.


Provides the name (or IP address) of the host on which the event builder is running. This switch is mandatory.


Provides the port on which the event builder is listening. If not provided, the NSCLDAQ Port manager is used to automatically locate the event builder. In general you should not need this switch.


Provides the name of the event builder to which this client will provide fragments. If this is omitted, the client will provide fragments to the default event builder for the user.