59.4. Readout commands

The SBS Readout framework automatically adds several commands. These are described fully in the 1sbsReadout reference pages. A brief summary of these commands is given here.

A cluster of commands allows you to perform run control operations. These are the begin, end, pause and resume commands.

The begin command also uses two Tcl global variables to set the run state. These are: title and run.

In addition the statevar and runvar commands are defined. These allow the creation, listing and deleting of Tcl variables that will be logged to the event stream periodically. State variables are write-protected from Tcl scripts while the run is active. Run variables can be modified during the active part of the run.

Thus State variables are intended to log fixed unchanging parameters of a run, such as documentation of the target, or beam ion or beam species. Run variables are intended to log things that may change over time, such as the temperature of the chamber, beamline magnet readings and so on.