9.7. The VMUSBSpecTcl Alternative

Now that we have a fully implemented tailored SpecTcl, I will likely upset you by telling you that a program called VMUSBSpecTcl is available with SpecTcl distributions newer than 3.3-009. This program provides a mechanism to build a parser for your VMUSBReadout data just by reading the daqconfig.tcl file. This is a very limited program that can parse only a subset of the modules supported by VMUSBReadout. It is not intended to be used for parsing actual experiments. However, it is perfect for small setups. You can read more about it by pointing a browser at /usr/opt/spectcl/3.4/share/vmusb/index.html

spdaqXX> firefox /usr/opt/spectcl/3.4/share/vmusb/index.html

That documentation will teach you how to set up the program. However, the next section will still be useful to teach you how to create histograms, so don't stop reading here.