14.3. Saving and Restoring The State of the GUI Between Sessions

14.3.1. Saving the state

The state of the GUI can always be saved to a specific file by means of the "Save as..." menu button. The user can also commit the state to a specific file via the "Save" operation. If a --configfile argument was provided when launching the program, the file will be overwritten with the current settings. If no --configfile argument was provided, the user is prompted for a filename. Subsequent "save" operations will use this file. The file produced by either of these save operations is capable of being used for the --configfile command line option in a later MDGG16Control session or for the -configfile option in the mdgg16 slow-controls module.

14.3.2. Restoring previous state

The state can easily be restored by passing a configuration file from a previous save operation to the --configfile option. This should load up the content of the file to the GUI. This does not commit the file contents to the device, so the user should expect that the GUI will warn that the GUI and the device are not synchronize.