15.5. The Saved File

As has already been described, the XLM72GateDelayControl GUI can write a configuration file to disk by the "Write" button. This file will generate a TCL array whose name is "gd16" with a series of array elements. If you are using the XLM72GateDelayControl GUI to write configuration scripts for the AGD16XLM72 driver, it is EXTREMELY important that you pass the correct array name in the file to the AGD16XLM72::Init method. A sample usage of the AGD16XLM72 driver with an output file /path/to/configuration/script.tcl that was saved by the XLM72GateDelayControl is:

# create an XLM72 gate delay driver for an XLM in slot 10
AGD16XLM72 dev ::vmusb 10

# pass the configuration script name as the first argument and then 
# the name of the array as the second argument. At the moment, this array name
# should always be "gd16"
dev Init /path/to/configuration/script.tcl gd16

A sample output file is included below:

# gd16 configuration file written on Thu Apr 21 22:58:01 EDT 2016
set gd16(configFileName) /user/s800/operations/daq/usb/Configs/s800tdcdelayini.tcl
set gd16(configuration) 0xdaba0006
set gd16(dt) 1
set gd16(channel1) {}
set gd16(delay1) 27
set gd16(width1) 2
set gd16(channel2) {}
set gd16(delay2) 32
set gd16(width2) 2
set gd16(channel3) {}
set gd16(delay3) 27
set gd16(width3) 2
set gd16(channel4) {}
set gd16(delay4) 17
set gd16(width4) 2
set gd16(channel5) {}
set gd16(delay5) 7
set gd16(width5) 0
set gd16(channel6) {}
set gd16(delay6) 7
set gd16(width6) 0
set gd16(channel7) {}
set gd16(delay7) 6
set gd16(width7) 0
set gd16(channel8) {}
set gd16(delay8) 6
set gd16(width8) 0
set gd16(channel9) {}
set gd16(delay9) 27
set gd16(width9) 2
set gd16(channel10) {}
set gd16(delay10) 0
set gd16(width10) 0
set gd16(channel11) {}
set gd16(delay11) 5
set gd16(width11) 2
set gd16(channel12) {}
set gd16(delay12) 10
set gd16(width12) 2
set gd16(channel13) {}
set gd16(delay13) 1
set gd16(width13) 0
set gd16(channel14) {}
set gd16(delay14) 5
set gd16(width14) 0
set gd16(channel15) {}
set gd16(delay15) 3
set gd16(width15) 0
set gd16(channel16) {}
set gd16(delay16) 5
set gd16(width16) 0
set gd16(bypass) 0x70e0
set gd16(inspect) 0xedee