Chapter 55. Plotchart

Plotchart is a pure Tcl data plotting package. It is used by several Tcl components of NSCLDAQ (e.g. the scaler display program) to produce graphs. The author of Plotchart is Arjen Markus of Deltares in the Netherlands. The NSCL Scientific software development team have worked with Arjen to incorporate changes and suggested changes to make plotchart somewhat more suitable for use at the NSCL.

Documentation on Plotchart is available here at the ActiveState Website .

As our version of plotchart has experimental features that have not yet made it back inot the normal Plotchart releases, the version at NSCL has been labeled 3.0.0 to ensure that it is selected preferentially over any system installed version (assuming $DAQROOT/TclLibs is in the package search path) unless you explictly select another version. For example, to select the version on Debian wheezy:

package require Plotchart 1.6