CSynchronizedThread -- Thread with synchronized initialization


    #include <CSynchronizedThread.h>
   void start();
          virtual void run();
          virtual void init();
          virtual void operator();


Provides a Thread class (see Thread). When the thread is started, the starting thread blocks on a condition variable.

The CSynchronized thread's body consists of two methods; init and operator() executed in that order. When init returns to its caller, (run), the condition variable is signalled allowing the starting thread to be scheduled for continued execution.


void start();

Schedules the thread for execution and blocks on a condition variable that will be scheduled by the thread.

virtual void run();

Thread entry point. This method invokes init and then signals the condition variable the thread that called run is presumably waiting or that.

virtual void init();

This method is overidden by a typical thread class. It provides initialiation that must occur before the parent thread can be allowed to resume.

virtual void operator()();

Actual body of the thread. When this method is called, the parent thread has already been authorized to run. Note that this method is pure virtual and must be implemented