EVBC::initialize -- Initialize the EZBuilder layer.


EVBC::initialize options


Intended to be called from your OnStart proc. This initializes the EZBuilder and controls how it will behave. The parameters to this command are option value pairs. See EXAMPLES below for some typical option sets.

For information about the specific options, see OPTIONS below and EVBC::start.


The EVBC::initialize command accepts all options that the EVBC::start understands as well as the following additional options:

-gui on | off

If -gui is true, EZBuilder will add a control strip to the bottom of the ReadoutGUI control panel. This control strip will give you dynamic control over the options controlled by EVBC::initialize.

Only do this if you trust your users to be able to set sensible values in this user interface. If you don't you will sleep better at night choosing the options you want and disabling the GUI strip.

-restart yes | no

If -restart is yes, the event builder pipeline is restarted at the beginning of each run (See EVBC::onBegin). Otherwise, the event builder timstamp memory is just reset at the beginning of each run and the event builder pipline is only started at the beginning of the first run.

-glombuild yes | no

If -glombuild is yes, the fragments will be correlated into build physics events. That means that more than one fragment may be stuck into the body of a ring item of type PHYSICS_EVENT. The correlation parameter is provided by the -glomdt parameter. If the value is no, then there will only be one fragment stuffed into the body of the built physics events outputted by the event builder. The value is provided as a default value and the user can override it using the event builder gui controls.

-glomdt value

This specifies the number of "ticks" that define a correlation window. Fragments whose timestamps differ by less than this value will be correlated together. The value should be considered a default value because the user can override this value through the event builder gui controls. The default value is 1.

-glomid value

Built physics events are labeled with an integer source id equal to the value passed for the -glomid option. The default value is 0.

-glomtimestamppolicy earliest | latest | average

The timestamp assigned to the built physics event outputted from the event builder can be either the earlier, latest, or average value of the correlated timestamps.

-destring ring_name

The value passed to -destring is the name of a ring buffer that the event builder will output its data to. The default value is the user's account name.

-setdestringasevtlogsource yes | no

If the value passed is yes, then the eventlog program will use the output ring of the event builder as its data source. Default value is false.


The example below does not allow event builder parameters to be modified between runs. It requests a new instance of the event builder for each run. Note that this implies that the begin run will invoke startEVBSources if that command/proc has been defined. That allows you to start fragment sources after the event builder pipeline has been started.

EVBC::initialize -glombuild yes -glomdt 200 -destring built -restart yes -gui off

The exmple below initially requests a restart before each run but, since the GUI is enabled, this can be modified by the user.

EVBC::initialize -glombuild yes -glomdt 200 -destring built -restart yes -gui on