FrameManager -- Make one of a set of widgets visible.


package require FrameManager

FrameManager path ?option value...?

path configure option value ?...?

path cget ?option?

path add name widget ?onviewscript?

path select name

path getCurrent


This megawidget manages a set of subwidgets displaying only one at a time. Note that the subwidgets can be anything, though as the name of this megawidget implies they are intened to be frames with subwidgets.



Specifies the minimum width with which the displayed widget will be shown.


Specifies the minimum height with which the displayed widget will be shown.


add name widget ?onviewscript?

Adds a new widget to the set of managed frames. name is a name to be used when referring to the widget. While no effort is made to enforce this, the name should be unique amongst the wigets managed by this object.

widget is the widget to manage. This should be any griddable object (e.g. cannot be a toplevel).

onviewscript if supplied is a script tht will be executed at the global level when the widget has been selected to be viewed.

select name

Selects the widget associated with name be displayed. The name must have been associated with a widget.


Returns the name of the currently displayed widget. If no widget has been selected for display since construction, the return will be an empty string.