56.2. Incorporating the socket library

Using one of the TCP/IP library classes requires that you #include the appropriate header. Doing this requires that you allow the C++ compiler to search the DAQ includes directory. This is most simply done by:

  1. Sourcing the daqsetup.bash script for the version of NSCLDAQ you are using into your shell (you can do this in your .bashrc). Suppose, for example, I'm using the version of NSCLDAQ installed in /usr/opt/daq/11.1-004: I can:

.   /usr/opt/daq/11.1-004/daqsetup.bash

  2. Adding the appropriate -I option to your compilation command line. If you have performed step 1 above this means adding -I$DAQROOT/include to your compilation command.

Assuming you sourced the daqsetup.bash environment setup file, linking with the TCPIP library requires the following additions to your link command line:

-L$DAQLIB -lTcp -lException -ldaqshm