7.3. Using the Parameters page

The Parameters tab lets you modify the definition of tree parameters. Specifically, for existing tree parameters you can set new limits and units. You may not set new values for the binning.

The parameters page looks like this:

Figure 7-23. Parameters page

At any time, exactly one line is active. The line with its radio button checked. The Parameter pulldown menu allows you to load a parameter into that line. The menu is organized to reflect the parameter hierarchy as a menu, sub-menu hierarchy.

If you modify the name field to match an existing parameter, that parameter is loaded as well. You can make as many modifications as you want to the low, high and units fields. If you get hopelessly lost, simply click Load to reload the current definition of that parameter. If you click Set the tree parameter definition will be modified. If you click Change Spectra, any spectra that depend on that parameter will be redefined so that axes depending on that parameter have the new low and high limits.

The array checkbox affects the Set and Change Spectra buttons. If it is checked, and the parameter on that line is a member of a tree parameter array, all members of the array are modified on a Set operation and all spectra depending on all parameters in the array are modified. If array is checked, the Change Spectra button modifies all spectra that depend on all paframeters in the tree parameter array that contains that parameter.