I. SpecTcl Commands

Table of Contents
apply -- Show which gates are applied to which spectra
attach -- Connect SpecTcl to a data source
sbind -- Store spectrum channels in display share memory
fit -- 1-d Spectrum fitting computation
fold -- Apply a gamma gate as a fold
channel -- Access spectrum channels
clear -- Clear spectra
project -- Create projections of 2-d spectra
specstats -- Return spectrum statistics information
treeparameter -- Create list or modify characteristics treeparameters
treevariable -- List and manipulate tree variables
filter -- Create filtered data sets
gate -- Create, list, delete gates
integrate -- Integrate regions of interest on spectra
parameter -- Define, list and delete parameter definitions
pseudo -- Create, listm, delete pseudo parameters.
sread -- Read spectrum from file or pipe.
ringformat -- Select ringbuffer format
scontents -- Obtain spectrum bulk contents
shmemkey -- Get shared memory key.
shmemsize -- Return the size of the spectrum shared memory region.
spectrum -- Create, list, delete, and trace changes to spectrum definitions.
unbind -- Move spectrum storage out of shared display memory
ungate -- Remove gate applications.
version -- Return SpecTcl version
sread -- Write spectrum contents to file.
start -- Start analyzing data
start -- stop analyzing data