unbind -- Move spectrum storage out of shared display memory


unbind name ?name...?

unbind -id id1 ?id2...?

unbind -all

unbind xid1 ?xid2...?


Removes the bulk storage of one or more spectra from the Display shared memory. Using sbind and unbind you can have SpecTcl work with a much larger spectrum storage than the shared memory supports; manually swapping spectra in an out of shared memory.

There are three ways you can refer to spectra:

In the synopsis above, the first form of the command allows you to remove one or more spectra from display shared memory. Spectra are identified by their names. This command form does not require any command options.

Using the -id option, you can remove one or more spectra from the shared memory region by specifying the SpecTcl ids.

Using the -all option you can remove all spectra from the shared memory. This option takes no additional parameters.

Finally, the -xid allows you to specify the spectra to be removed from display shared memory by their xid numbers.

Note that unbind has no deleterious effects on the spectrum or its contents. Storage is allocated outside of shared memory for the spectrum contents and the current contents are copied to that storage. Furthermore, the spectrum continues to increment as before. I simply cannot be displayed from display shared memory. A sufficiently sophisticated displayer could access the spectrum contents via the SpecTcl REST plugin at lower performance, however.