version -- Return SpecTcl version




This command returns the SpecTcl version. Scripts and REST clients can us the version number to know which features are available to SpecTcl and which are not. The version is returned in a string of the form major.minor-editlevel.


The major part of the version increments when SpecTcl's development leads to potential user source code incompatibility. Users should refer to version release notes for information about how to port their code.


The minor version increments when SpecTcl's development requires user code recompilation but no modifications to the user source code are required. This can happen if classes that are publicly visible have changes made to their shaps.


Edit level increments generally reflect fixes to known defects that require no recompilation or relinking. Simply using the new shared libraries is sufficient. While it is possible to take an existing SpecTcl and redirect where it loads its SpecTcl libraries from, it is generally more practical to modify the Makefile's INSTDIR definition and relink the software.