Chapter 5. CCUSBReadout

The CCUSB Readout framework provides support for the Wiener-JTec CC-USB CAMAC controller. The CC-USB is a USB CAMAC controller that uses a Xilinx gate array to implement a CAMAC list processor. The CCUSB Readout framework provides:

This Chapter provides overview information that describes

Reference information is available in the 3ccusb section of the referencae material.

5.1. How the CCUSB readout framework works

The CCUSB readout framework provides a high level approach to configuring devices supported by the system. A plugin architecture allows user written device support to be incorporated into the framework at run-time.

The framework supports both data taking devices and slow control devices that may require a control panel. Naturally you can support relatively static slow control devices by using the data taking device support as well.

The recurring concepts for both the data taking device support and slow controls device support are: