Chapter 9. A Simple VMUSBReadout Experiment Tutorial

9.1. Introduction

NSCLDAQ distributes with it a program called VMUSBReadout that supports the readout of the Wiener VM-USB VME controller. The following document will instruct the reader in how to set up a basic experiment consisting of a CAEN V785 peak sensing analog-to-digital converter, a CAEN V775 time-to-digital converter, and a Struck SIS3820 32-channel latching scaler. The level at which this tutorial is written assumes the following:

In addition to simply setting up the experiment, the user will be instructed at how to interpret the output of the devices using the dumper program for simple debugging and then on how to develop a basic SpecTcl application tailored to the specific experiment. The SpecTcl implementation will give an example of how to write an event processor using a framework independent data unpacker as well as supporting its potential reuse on event built data.