Chapter 11. Using NSCLDAQ with a CAEN V785 Peak-Sensing ADC and CAEN V262 IO Register


This paper's purpose is to guide the reader through the process of setting up and reading data from a CAEN V785 peak-sensing ADC using an SBS Bit3 PCI/VME bridge. The trigger for the readout of the device in this tutorial will be initiated by a CAEN V262 IO Register and the data read out will be formatted in a "packet" structure. Furthermore, we will demonstrate how to do this in way that generates data with body headers.

This tutorial will encompass the steps to get the system running from start to finish. In doing so, it will cover how to set up the electronics and how to modify the SBS Readout software skeleton. The targeted version of NSCLDAQ software will be 11.0. Testing for the code is also covered to a limited extent.

This paper assumes that you are

The final version of the software is available for download at: MAKE THE LINK CORRECT!

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It will be assumed that the user has a valid NSCLDAQ 11.0 installed at a directory in your PATH. If you have not already done so, do the following before continuing:

spdaqxx> unset DAQROOT
spdaqxx> source /usr/opt/nscldaq/11.0/daqsetup.bash
spdaqxx> export PATH=$DAQBIN:$PATH