Chapter 16. ULM Trigger GUI

A firmware for the LeCroy 2367 Universal Logic Module written by Daniel Bazin turns the device into a trigger processing unit commonly referred to as the S800 ULM Trigger Box. This device has numerous configurable parameters that can be used to determine how and when a live trigger is formed from a set of triggers. NSCLDAQ provides support for configuring and reading out this device and also a mechanism for controlling it remotely as a slow-controlled device. The latter mechanism is a GUI called the ULMTriggerGUI and will be the subject of this documentation. The ULMTriggerGUI is heavily geared towards its use in the S800 and has many controls specifically labeled as corresponding to the S800. The aim of this documentation is not to detail all of the various features for use, but rather how to set up and launch an instance of the program as well as explain a bit about the saving and restoring state to and from files.

16.1. Configuring CCUSBReadout for Remote Communication

The ULMTriggerGUI makes use of the ccusbcamac TCL package to send remote NAF commands to a CCUSBReadout slow-controls server. The first step to use the ULMTriggerGUI is to ensure that the CCUSBReadout is configured to receive remote CCUSB requests. The only thing that is required is that a slow controls module of type "ccusb" be loaded. To do that you need to add the following line to your CCUSBReadout's ctlconfig.tcl script.

Module create ccusb remoteHandler

Depending on the version of NSCLDAQ that you are using, this may or may not be necessary because in recent versions the remote handler is preloaded into the CCUSBReadout program. However, it is simplest to just add the single line above.