Chapter 17. Command line access to CAMAC via the SBS interface

CAMAC is physically interfaced to the VME via either the CES CBD 8210 branch highway driver, or the Wiener VC32/CC32 board set. This chapter describes a mechanism for doing single CAMAC operations on a CAMAC crate. This mechanism can be incorporated into shell scripts to do low level control.


The CES CBD8210 interface is no longer being manufactured you should not choose it for use in new developments.

shell command support for CAMAC operations is provided in the form of three Tcl scripts:

  1. cesbcnaf - performs a single camac operation via a CES CBD8210

  2. wienerebcnaf - performs a single CAMAC oepration via a VC32/CC32 board set.

  3. bcnaf - performs a single CAMAC command allowing you to choose which interface is to be used.

To make use of the command above, you should add the bin subdirectory of your NSCLDAQ installation to your path. This is done by adding the following to your .bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:$DAQROOT/bin

Where DAQROOT is the top level directory of the NSCLDAQ installation you are using (e.g. /usr/opt/daq/10.0).