Chapter 22. CAEN V812 Constant Fraction Discriminator

The CAEN V812 is a VME 16 channel constant fraction discriminator. Support for this module comes in several levels.


This is a package that provides low level control of the CAEN V812. It can be used ot build custom GUI control panels or command driven software.


Provides a Tk megawidget that can be incorporated in your own software. The megawidget uses CFD812 to control the physical device.


A free standing program that allows you to control a set of CAEN V812 modules via the caenv812Gui widget.


A command line application that allows you to load settings into a CAEN V812 CFD.


The loadcfd and caenv812control programs are driven by a configuration file. This is described in CAENV812Config(5)

The CAENV812 packages are in the TclLibs subdirectory tree of the NSCLDAQ installation. Adding that directory to the Tcl package include directory search list will ensure that these packages can be loaded.

For example, if the current daq installation is in /usr/opt/daq/10.0, the shell script line:

export TCLLIBPATH=/usr/opt/daq/10.0/TclLibs

or the Tcl command:

lappend auto_path /usr/opt/daq/10.0/TclLibs

will make these packages available.

Complete programs, loadcfd(1tcl) and caenv812control(1tcl) are in the bin subdirectory of the daq installation.