Chapter 23. N568B CAENnet shaping amplifier

The N568B is a 16 channel NIM shaping amplifier. It features a CAENnet interface which allows the module to be controlled remotely when a VME crate in the setup contains a CAEN V288 CAENnet controller.

Support for this module comes in the form of:

Refer to the reference material for more information about each of these support packages.

If you want to make use of the n568b and/or n568panel packages in your own scripts you will need to be sure that the package diretory tree is in your package search path. NSCLDAQ installs Tcl loadable packages in its TclLibs directory tree. Adding this directory to the Tcl package search path makes all NSCLDAQ Tcl loadable packages available to your scripts.

The Tcl package search path can be extended in two ways. First by setting the TCLLIBS environment variable and second b y appending directory names to the auto_path Tcl global variable.

Suppose the envirionment variable DAQROOT contains the top level installation directory of the NSCLDAQ installation you are using. In that case at the bash shell you can:


Similarly within your script you can:

lappend auto_path [file join $::env(DAQROOT) TclLibs]

Once the package load path has been established, you can use the Tcl package require command to load the package into your script.