Chapter 24. VHS-40xxx SBS support.

The iSeg VHS-40xxx family of modules implement VME four channel high voltage bias supply modules. THese modules can be controlled by the slow controls software via the SBS PCI/VME bus bridget controller. This chapter gives an overview of this support. Reference material provides detailed information.

Support for the module comes in two Tcl packages and a complete Tcl/Tk application:


Provides a tcl package forlow level support fo the modules including the ability to program the base address of the module.


Provides a tcl package that supplies a set of widgets that view and control aspects of the device. Each widget provides access to some element of the device, a channel, environmental information or status information about the module.

This separation allows you to build custom applications with a flexible layout of the VHS user interface elements.


Provides a canned application that allows you to control and view a VHS404 module.

Packages are used like any other Tcl package. Ensure that the TclLibs directory of the nscldaq installation is in your Tcl search path and use the package require Tcl command.

Assuming an environment variable named DAQROOT is defined, that point to the top level directory of the NSCLDAQ installation, you can add this directory to the search path either by defining the TCLLIBPATH environment variable (e.g. in login scripts):


or by adding it to the auto_path Tcl variable in your script:

lappend auto_path [file join $::env(DAQROOT) TclLibs]

Once the package auto-load path has been extended e.g.:

package require iSegVhs       

loads the base module support package.