Chapter 36. Ring master class library.

The RingMaseter is a server that manages access to ringbuffers and cleans up ring buffer resources left by improperly exiting programs. See The RingMaster Server for more information about that server.

The CRingMaster class is a C++ class that provides access to the ring master in any system. In many cases, this is created, and functions called transparently by higher level library modules.

The ring master library is part of the dataflow client library. It provides a header CRingMaster.h as well. The examples below show how to incorporate this header, into your source code and compilation, and how to link to the data flow library. We assume there's an environment variable named DAQROOT which is the top level of the NSCLDAQ installation tree.

Example 36-1. Including the header

#include <CRingMaster.h>

Example 36-2. Compiling code

g++ -c -I$DAQROOT/include mymodule.cpp

Example 36-3. Linking code to the library

g++ -o myprogram myprogram.cpp -L$DAQROOT/lib -ldataflow -Wl,"-rpath=$DAQROOT/lib"

RingMaster access provides reference information on this library.