Chapter 44. SBS VME Module level device support software

This section of the reference manual describes C++ support for electronics (VME and CAMAC) that is used at the NSCL. All of this software is in the DeviceSupport library. With the exception of the base CAMAC support, all devices have C++ class level support. base CAMAC support is provided as a set of macros.

Each page of the manual describes the required header file. To incorporate any of the device suppor modules described in this part, you must link to the device support library. If $DAQROOT is the top level of the nsclDAQ installation (/usr/opt/daq/version for version version at the NSCL), link by adding the following command switches:

-L$DAQROOT/lib -lDeviceSupport -lException $(VMELIBS) -Wl,"-rpath=$DAQROOT/lib"
The -Wl,"-rpath=$DAQROOT/lib" ensures that at run time, the shared libraries that make up the device support software will be located and loaded. $(VMELIBS) is the set of library switches needed to link the VME support software described in the previous part.