II. 1daq

Table of Contents
ringbuffer -- Manage ring buffers.
ringtostdout -- Transmit data from a ring buffer to stdout.
stdintoring -- Pipe stdin to a ring buffer.
ReadoutShell -- Shell wrapper for readout programs.
ReadoutGUIOutputClient -- Readout gui output monitor client.
frag2ring -- Filter flattened fragments to ring items.
Scaler Display program  -- Display counts and rates in scalers.
dumper -- Produce a formatted dump of event data.
eventlog -- Record Event Data to Disk.
ccusbloader -- CC-USB Firmware loader
vmusbloader -- VM-USB Firmware loader
ringselector -- Provide selected ring data to non NSCL DAQ aware clients
tkdumper -- GUI Dump of ring buffer items.
evttclsh -- Tcl interpreter that always runs an event loop