tclserver -- Start a Tcl Server.


tclserver [-pport -userauth]


Starts a Tcl server. The server will listen for connections. Authorized connections will be allowed to 'poke' Tcl commands to the server which will execute them and return the result to the client.



Specifies the port on which the server will listen.

  • If omitted this defaults to 2048.

  • If port is the text string Managed, the daq port manager is contacted to allocated a free port on which to listen.

  • If port is an integer, it is taken as th eport on which to listen.


If present, the client must, in addition to being authorized via the serverauth command send as the first line of text the name of the user running the client. This username must match the name of the uyser that is running the server.

This is intended to reduce the chances that more than one user on the same system might cause problems by talking with each other's tclservers.