CUnknownFragment -- Event fragment likley not containing a ring item


#include <CUnknownFragment.h>
 class CRingFragment : public CRingItem {

  CUnknownFragment(uint64_t timestamp, uint32_t sourceid, uint32_t barrier, uint32_t size, void* pPayload);
  virtual ~CUnknownFragment();
              CUnknownFragment(const  CUnknownFragment& rhs);
              CUnknownFragment(const CRingItem& rhs)
          throws std::bad_cast;
  CUnknownFragment& operator=(const CUnknownFragment& rhs);
              const int  operator==(const CUnknownFragment& rhs);
              const int operator!=(const CUnknownFragment& rhs);
               const std::string typeName();


This class is a thin wrapper that derived from CRingFragmentItem. There are only two differences between that class and this:

  1. The ring item type is set to EVB_UNKNOWN_PAYLOAD

  2. The typeName method returns the string: Fragment with unknown payload