CEVBClientFramework -- Event builder client framework.


#include <EVBFramework.h>
class   CEVBClientFramework {
  static void submitFragmentList(static CEVBEventList& fragmentList);
      static const struct gengetopt_args_info* getProgramOptions();


The event builder framework offers services to the user code via the CEVBClientFramework class. Many of these interfaces are provided as static methods. METHODS below describe the interfaces proviced.


void submitFragmentList(static CEVBEventList& fragmentList);

Allows you to submit a list of event fragments to the event orderer. fragmentList containst that list of fragments. For more information about the CEVBEventList data type, see CEventOrderClient.

static const struct gengetopt_args_info* getProgramOptions();

This method is used if you extend the command option definition file. The return value is a pointer to the struct that is created by gengetopt from that file. The contents of this struct will depend on the final set of command switches, however the struct will be defined in cmdline.h which will be created when you first build your application.