ad811 -- Support the Ortec AD811 ADC


ad811 create module-name ?option...?

ad811 config module-name ?option...?

ad811 cget module-name


This command ensemble provides support for the ORTEC AD811 8 channel peak sensing ADC. This module requires about 80 microseconds to convert. All channels convert unconditionally.

module-name is either the name to be given to an ADC in the create subcommand or the name given to a previously created module in the config or cget commands.

Both create and config take configuration options. Each option is a keyword value pair where the keyword defines what the option is and the value is a value associated with that option. See OPTIONS below for more information about the options supported by ad811.

The cget option returns the configuration options for the named module as a Tcl list. Each element of the list is a two element sublist. The first element of each sublist is the configuration parameter name, and the second the value associated with that name.


The ad811 configuration options are:

-id vsn

Each module has an identifier which, for historical reasons is called a virtual slot number, or vsn. To maximize the decode error detection the virtual slot numbers for each module should be unique. This option allows you to set the virtual slot number for the module.

-slot slotnum

The value of this parameter tells the readout software which CAMAC crate slot houses the module. Recall that CAMAC is slot addressable. Slots number from 1 on the left, with an increasing slot number towards the right. The right two slots are reserved for the CAMAC Crate controller (in our case a CC-USB).


The example below creates and configures an AD811 that is in slot 2 of the CAMAC crate and, when read will have a virtual slot number of 2:

Example 1. AD811 configuration file example

ad811  create adc -slot 2 -id 2